When you book your appointment we will ask you to complete a questionnaire prior to your visit. This is very detailed to enable the therapist to help you as fully as possible.

Your bioresonance treatment will take place with our therapist at The Beauty Spot Cosmetic Clinic in Mansfield. The relaxing atmosphere in our clinic will help you enjoy your session.

Reception - The Beauty Spot Clinic
Reception - The Beauty Spot Clinic

Our therapist will answer any questions you have and discuss your questionnaire and symptoms with you prior to starting your treatment.

Sessions for scanning normally last around 1-2 hours, treatment sessions are usually 1 hour.

What to expect during your scan
What to expect during your scan
What to expect during your scan

The Bicom Body Check Scanner is a non-invasive medical device that scans, analyses and depicts the energetic state of the body’s organs, tissues and cells.

The scanning process is quick and pain free using the most advanced Resonance Spectroscopy analysis, magnetic resonance analysis, acoustic resonance analysis and Tomography scanning available, with no side effects.

After the initial Body scan and following review of the findings, the therapist will decide on an appropriate treatment via the BIOCOM Machine. A basic treatment therapy will be conducted to prepare the body for the inversion of the pathogens found, ensuring that the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system are able to cope with the detoxification.

A second channel on the machine can run alongside or thereafter which specifically can deal with the results or findings from the scanner.

These are performed comfortably seated, placing the hands or feet on appropriate electrodes. Other electrode devices may be used according to the specific programme required. Sometimes a soft flexible electrode pad may be placed around a specific body part i.e. stomach or liver, painful joint, it is for this reason that we ask you to wear split clothing so this can be done easily i.e. no dresses or jumpsuits.

We recommend that plenty of fluids are taken after the procedure to flush out excess toxins.

Previously confirmed diagnosis via conventional methods are taken into account and considered during the consultation, some of these conditions are under strict control and therefore may not be causing any stress or in balances in your body, therefore may not be initially seen in your scan. The frequencies detected are the ones that are causing you the most stress from whatever body part.

Stresses can change periodically depending on different conditions and stimulus or exposure to certain factors. Even if you are not particularly unwell the BICOM therapy can make sure you stay well and healthy and boost your immune system.

Following your initial appointment with the Body Scan, you will be offered an initial basic therapy, this programme is nearly always included in every treatment, ensuring the body is healthy and would be able to cope with any inversion of pathogens necessary. Depending upon findings several sessions may be required depending on specific treatments being run. A full assessment will be conducted to monitor progress and a smaller rescan may be required to ensure clearance of a specific pathogen has been achieved. Your symptoms will be continually assessed.

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