Below are some of the comments we have received :

I can’t thank you enough, having been told an incorrect diagnosis 18 months ago of Fibromyalgia, this machine has totally changed my life! From so closely having to finish work, going home and crying with exhaustion and pain, the Bio Resonance machine diagnosed me with a severe Candida overgrowth in my gut, amongst a few other things! I was advised to change my diet completely after the machine picked up a few food intolerances. I had treatment sessions with the machine to invert the overgrowth and boost my immunity allowing my body to return to a healed healthy state.

It really was a life changer for me and I’m so glad I found this treatment, I really can’t praise it enough. Your health is really your wealth and I am a changed person. Back to work, enjoying time with my grandchildren, something I really struggled to do, feeling completely isolated, drained and guilty!

Thank you so much.

Thank you for giving me the time and listening to my conditions, the body scanner is amazing and so thorough, I can’t believe how accurate it is. I’m so glad I’ve found you after having to travel to Leeds, I will be a regular client. Thank you

A comfortable and fascinating experience, can’t believe how accurate this is. I’ve had problems with my stomach for nearly 3 years with symptoms, Dr just giving me antacids and antispasmodic drugs! Unbelievable that you found the cause Helicobacter and after three treatments I am clear! No bloating, no burping, no burning!!

Honestly, I can’t thank you enough, as does my wife!!

Fabulous experience, amazing that this scanner is so accurate. I found the whole process fascinating, can’t believe parasites can cause so many problems, I’ve completed the parasite cleanse and on my way to recovery. I can’t recommend this treatment enough for anyone with symptoms or just as a health check up! It all makes sense to treat the root cause rather than a symptom.

Thank you so much, an underlying heart condition picked up after months getting nowhere with Doctors! Banged me on Blood Pressure medication without finding the cause, with your help I’m now in the system with a cardiologist now listening to me.

I knew there was a reason for my palpitations, I really can’t thank you enough and recommend you all the time. Thank you..

This really is the medicine of the future, it all makes sense. I was truly sceptical at first, but you explained and proved to me how amazing this machine is. I did forget to put on my questionnaire that I had a certain condition and the machine found it and you told me, which is proof to me that this machine is spot on.

Thank you